Diploma Thesis

Doc (PDF-CZ)  

Submission of diploma thesis

Monitoring and evaluating system of network traffic

  • Design distributed "NetFlow Analyzer" supporting:
    • evaluation of the network traffic using netflow statistics exported from Cisco routers,
    • nearly real-time traffic monitoring,
    • smart flow filtration, aggreagation and statistic evaluation
    • multicriterial data flow selection using source/destination IP addresses, protocols, ports etc. (including heuristic methods for protocols using dynamic ports)
  • The NetFlow Analyzer should be ablo to deal with suspicious network activities (e.g. security attacks, routing troubles etc.) by raising warning messages.
  • Use free software tools.
  • Verify final product in the operating system Linux.

Leader of diploma thesis: Dr. Ing. Pavel Őmrha (CIV Z╚U, UniverzitnÝ 8, 306 14 Plze˛)
Opponent of diploma thesis: Ing. Vßclav Vais, PhD. (CIV Z╚U, UniverzitnÝ 8, 306 14 Plze˛)