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[Wincopy v2.0]
Copy files and subdirectories in Windows. After disconect and reconnect of network, program continue with copying. You can set refresh options (how often has program trying test availability source (destination)). You can copy individual files or directories (drives). If you would like copy, click right button on selected file(dir/drive) and select item "Copy with WinCopy". Then choose destination path, aso ... If you try this program, download it from this link: [Download (exe)]. preview

[MP3 TAG Reader v2.0]
This program generate lists of MP3 Tags in Windows. After start, choose directory, where you stored MP3s. Click on button START. List of MP3 Tags you can save to text file or HTML file. Format is optional, for example: first interpret and second title. In HTML format you can select colors of text and background, aso. Try it from this link: [Download (exe)]. preview

[Konvert v0.9]
Program for conversation between code pages for czech characters. Support: WIN(1250), Latin 2, KOI-8 a KEYBCS2. Try this link: [Download (exe)]. Source in pascal [Source (pas)].